Unnamed VR is an open-ended sandbox game in which the only goal is to explore and have fun in VR. Developed and designed by Paracosma Inc, it is an immersive VR first-person game that takes user inside a massive western themed mansion with access to more than 10 game rooms filled with adventure and fun.
Unnamed VR offers different range of mini game rooms with supporting sound and surrounding. Users have full control to explore the entire mansion space, indulge in various outdoor activities including archery, shooting range, rock climbing and more, or unleash their inner creativity in graffiti painting room or 3D paint room. This game aim to transport user to a realistic interactive space that are suitable for enterprise training and skills development.
The game was previewed at E3 2017, VRLA 2017 and VRLA 2018 expo. UnnamedVR game is set to release sometime in 2019 and will be released on multiple stores.